Sunday, October 2, 2011

book four is out now.

I am pleased that Margaret Bashaar at Hyacinth Girl Press has put out my little chap, Book Four. These poems are the bits that survived after I slashed-and-burned a full-sized manuscript; some of them are pretty old (and may be recognizable from other iterations) and some are a little bit newer. My friend (poetry friend and cheese friend) Tricia Taaca described the manuscript as "scary." I think I like that. The poems are a little interpersonal and a lot environmental with a bit of dystopic future. Who can guess what the title refers to (EASY EASY EASY really)?

My talented sister the artist Minna Pollari drew the broken-beaked crow on the cover. I love where this cover went - the book itself is so Deadly Serious and this cover is a little bit goth and it balances out.

I am stealing Margaret's picture, for now. I hope you get the book and if you get it, I hope you like it, and if you like it, I hope you tell me.


Jane said...

Exciting/wonderful! I look forward to reading them all. x

niina said...

Thank you! Just thought of you the other day, as I lovingly arranged all my chapbooks and your very beautiful one was among them. XO

Miss Thing said...

just ordered this, can't wait to read it!! xox

niina said...

Thanks Gina! I also seriously can't wait for your book.