Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ARTS: Scandinavia, Scully, dead & naked

ATTEND: Since I'm a "real live Finnish person," next week I'm doing a reading at this event of Nordic multimedia madness, and you ought to come. I'm incorporating a touch of audio, which is a first for me, and there will also be a few other surprises. It's at Brooklyn Fire Proof, an excellent cafe/bar/space in Bushwick, at 8PM. The address is actually 119 Ingraham Avenue (at Porter). Click the flyer below for additional details and go here for the info-blurb. READ: You should read this post on dead women as a trope and accessory. "Once you become aware of dead girls’ being used as scenery or decoration, you see them everywhere — all of these young women’s bodies, laid out in expressions of terror and relief, one shoe off, with unfocused eyes and a pancake-makeup pallor." Media gynonecrophilia reminds me of Twin Peaks, which I've recently watched. Half of the first episode is people dramatically, privately reacting to the death of a beautiful girl. (It's the most poetical topic, after all.) I guess reacting to this show seems timely. Tavi Gevinson has a post on about the aesthetics of the show.
Also speaking a little about death & looks, read Kate Durbin's post at Delirious Hem, as a response to the issue of Oprah's O Magazine where the big O dressed poets in couture and then shot them in awkward, possibly campy poses. (This is my opinion, at least.) Anyway, lots of people had lots of opinions about the feature. Kate's post is decidedly Not Safe For Work, as it features bodyparts and glitter galore.
THINK: How obviously influenced by Scully is Cate Blanchett's character in Hanna? Like a crueller, more smug Dana, I'd say. Dana Scully's expression was always great on the X-Files. Not smug, not full of schadenfreude, not even disinterested whenever Mulder showed up ranting like a looney about aliens this or poltergeists that. Can you tell the difference between the above photos? Gillian Anderson just had skeptical down, and it's so great to watch. I want to be able to make this expression.
SEE: This British television program called Pulling that's streaming on Netflix. If you like black comedies that have you laughing uproariously even when everyone is miserable, then please watch this. And speaking of cruel and smug, the Karen character (played by Tanya Franks, in the front) is absolutely brilliant. I guess maybe this post is almost wholly about redheads?And so what anyway. Redheads are fuckin' cool.


Miss Thing said...

this post is so full of awesome! i LOVE "pulling"- karen is fucking amazing- such an excellent show, so so funny.

i love the aesthetics of twin peaks but had a nervous breakdown at the end of the first season, and can never watch it again. i found it really, truly upsetting, the way lynch eroticzied those tortured teen girls. i understand that he is not the first to do so, and perhaps he was attempting to comment on it, but i still found his perspective more than a little fucked up. i love mulholland drive though.

i'm also really excited to read that post on women's dead bodies as a trope. this is something i think about A LOT. did you see "jennifer's body"? because it is fucking amazing, funny and so smart regarding these issues.


Miss Thing said...

p.s. do you want me to send you some more copies of FE so as to sling at yr reading?

niina said...

I can sympathize with the weird reaction from watching something upsetting. It's important to keep a "critical" distance, but if you are the type of person who gets easily pulled in -- yeah. Hard feelings.

I will check on the sitch re: FE -- I might still have a few copies to hawk. Will let you know via txt or twitter later today. XO!